Perth 2016 news update




The MAWA Perth 2016 team have been quite busy in recent months, with the main focus being to finalise the Governance structure for the Championships.

The main document is a detailed contract between WMA and AMA which represents our commitment to run the championships to WMA requirements. This document has now been signed by all interested parties. Other agreements will define how the Local Organising Committee operates, and how we bring in the support of Athletics WA and Athletics Australia. The signing of the WMA contract allows us to formally constitute the LOC.

An early milestone has been the booking of the key venues at WAAS and ECAC. The poor state of the ECAC track is an important issue. Discussions on re-surfacing are active, but as yet no firm plans are in place. Preliminary discussions have been held with VenuesWest on the various requirements for the Championship Precinct.

Many of you will know that our bid document in Sacramento indicated that there would be a 2nd track in the Mt Claremont area. This was based on UWA’s interest in installing a track on McGillivray Oval. Since that time UWA have changed their position. The MAWA team felt very strongly that we should deliver on what was in the bid, and have explored many options over 2 years for the 2nd track. This work in the end was unsuccessful. However, excellent work by Bob Schickert on scheduling has ascertained that we only need to put some 5000m and 10000m races, plus some multi-events at ECAC, so the lack of a 2nd track will not significantly detract from athletes’ enjoyment of the event. WMA have formally accepted our position on this issue.

We will report progress back to MAWA members on a regular basis as the LOC gets into the large amount of work ahead of it.

Richard Blurton Head of LOC
Geoff Brayshaw Treasurer
Lynne Schickert WMA Representative
Bob Schickert AMA Representative

Perth 2016 news update


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