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If you would like to participate in some university research please see the information below:

Athletes needed for study investigating factors that influence performance variability over a season

(Ethics Approval Number is HREC: S/15/777)

What is the study about?

The focus of this research is to gain an understanding of what it is about an athlete that influences their performance variability over a season. In other words, this study is for anyone that has wondered why their performances change from week to week for reasons other than environment (e.g weather) or physical (e.g injury) factors.

Who can take part?

This study is for any able bodied or para-athlete 18 and over, who competes in an individual sport. You must compete in official competitions in at least one of the following: track and field athletics, swimming (pool), or velodrome cycling.

About the questionnaire

The questionnaire focuses on how you as an athlete perceive your athletic performance, with this you will need to supply information regarding your nominated sport; including your results from official competition meets over the past 12 months. Doing this will take around 20-25 minutes; you will be able to return to the study until it is finished.

What will I get out of it?

Those who take part will be given the opportunity to receive a summary of results at the conclusion of the study. These results may help you understand how your perceptions influence your performance variability.

How can I participate?

To participate you can click on the link below and follow the instructions provided.



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