ECAC rules



We all look forward to running on the new track, starting next Thursday. However, it is critically important that all users keep to the following Council rules to maximise track life. MAWA committee members will be checking spikes.

Note that a camera is now installed and any club seen to be breaking the rules will be debarred from the facility

– Correct spikes will only be allowed and council will monitor, with clubs being expelled from using track if not adhered to
– Using first three lanes should be avoided for training and warm ups, (for MAWA we will use outside lanes for sprints)
– Running backward is not allowed
– No trolleys on track, equipment to be carried, (for MAWA the clock must be carried across the track and only wheeled on the grass)
– Camera will be installed so council can watch track at all times
– Only entrance to track will be a single gate which is further down car park
– Sand must be swept before and after use
– Fence around track will be made higher to stop athletes from jumping over and there will only be one gate access to track
– Athletes should avoid walking on concrete with spikes, which may roughen them up


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