Perth 2016 July update



  • Discussions were held at ECAC on requirements to upgrade/repair the hammer cage
  • Some new equipment has been purchased at WAAS. Decision made that there will be no hire charge for poles
  • The plan for recruiting/training officials has been approved by LOC. It has a strong focus on using WA people
  • Motive Travel have been engaged as the official travel agent
  • The WMA one year inspection visit will be 25 – 27 October
  • Richard and Lynne will attend AMA AGM for Perth2016 discussions with delegates
  • Some delay to website but will be live soon. Facebook page is active
  • e-newsletter sent to the around 1300 people who have registered interest
  • Lyon booth design completed
  • Entry information booklet has gone to print
  • Options for welcoming ceremony and party were discussed at July LOC meeting
  • Dominic Staltari will be acting head of LOC while other LOC members are in Europe July and August


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