Perth 2016 May/June Update



  • Registrations approaching 500
  • Sandy Pashkin, WMA, and Wilma Perkins, AMA, will visit Perth early September to finalise competition programme
  • New hammer cage and re-concrete of throws circles at ECAC will happen w/c 27th June
  • Stockpiling of athletic equipment to be used is essentially complete
  • Live streaming agreed for at least 2 competition days
  • Target of 150 officials now reached. Beginning the process of allocation
  • Bob Braid will officially measure marathon and road walk courses to IAAF standard
  • All marathon finishers will receive a commemorative medal
  • A marketing agreement has been signed with Channel 7 giving us coverage in the West and on TV. A TV commercial is being prepared featuring a female masters jumper and a male masters runner
  • Richard, Lynne and Gemma attended the Asian Masters Championships in Singapore. There was huge interest from Asian athletes. Concerns over the visa process were addressed
  • The Championships were successfully promoted at the Perth Marathon. Plans are in place to hand out flyers at all the Perth parkrun venues
  • Merchandise designs and plans were approved. Sample merchandise will be available to the LOC later in June
  • Medal design has been approved by WMA. Medals have been ordered.
  • Our Risk Management Plan has been approved
  • The Transportation Agreement with PTA has been signed. All registered athletes and accompanying persons will get free transport on PTA trains and buses
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony plans have been approved. City of Perth will sponsor the Opening Ceremony at Elizabeth Quay
  • There have been over 50 responses to the website call for volunteers


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