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The Australian Track & Field Coaches Association WA has some coaching books for sale:

If you would like to buy any please phone their Secretary Anne Masters on 9381 7673 or email to:

Books available are:-

The Young Athlete’s Handbook – Your guide to success in sports $32.00
Strength Ball Training $32.00
The Strength Training Workout Encyclopedia $30.00
Running Encyclopaedia $37.00
Stretch to Win $30.00
SportsVision – Training for Better Performance $35.00
Sport First Aid 4th Ed $35.00
Plyometrics for Athletes at All Levels $27.00
101 Winning Racing Strategies for Runners $24.00
Pose Method of Running (Nicholas Romanov & John Robson) $50.00
Training for Speed, Agility and Quickness $20.00
Coaches Guide to Teaching Sports Skills $25.00
Coaching Track and Field Successfully $36.00
Creative Play Activities for Children with Disabilities $31.95
Circuit Training for All Sports $34.00



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The 2024/25 membership form will be available in early September giving new members 13 months for the price of 12. In the meantime prospective new members should just pay the $5 visitor fee at MAWA events.

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