2019 Handicap Trophy



With the most exciting finish in years coming to a crescendo, five members, all on the verge of superstardom battled it out to win the most coveted prize of them all, the Handicap Trophy.

The name of the game is finishing positions, and today it wasn’t about finishing ahead of your rival, it was about finishing far enough up in the field of 60 runners…..

At the start of the day, Andrew Grosas lead the trophy charge, with Elizabeth Gomez, Rohan Thompson and Milton Mavrick all within 3 points and well within striking distance…. and don’t forget John Fisher, a lofty 20 points in arrears, but still capable of a last minute surge.

A top 5 finish would have sealed the trophy for any of the top four, though if they couldn’t manage that, it opened the door for John Fisher who then had to finish in the top 20 to jump all contenders and claim the trophy.

The top five positions came and went, with Rohan Thompson the first contender home, who came in a credible eighth.

It was now down to John Fisher, with 17 runners already having crossed the line, turning final, crossing the bridge, John was in a full sprint with Milton Mavrick, who I’m sure tried to push him into the river, (maybe a little editorial lenience here).

Milton using his well sharpened elbows kept John at bay, but it didn’t stop John’s doggedness, and with a personal best time of 46.46 finished in 20th place, thereby wrenching the trophy from Andrew Grosas’s grasp by one point.

Congratulations to John on a fabulous run and becoming the 2019 Handicap Trophy Champion

Winner John Fisher (#1167)

2nd Andrew Grosas (#1707)

3rd Rohan Thompson (#1781)


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