Oceania AGM



The Annual General Meeting of Oceania Masters Athletics is to be held on Saturday 31 August 2019 in Mackay, Queensland. The OMA Championships commence on that day.
The AMA Delegates for the meeting will be Richard Blurton and Hazel McDonnell.

Proposals for Constitutional change and Nominations for all Council positions for the next term must be submitted to the OMA Secretary by 30 June 2019. Note expressions of interest for Council nominations must first go to AMA Secretary Donna Hiscox prior to 30 June for approval by the AMA Board – email: secretary@australianmastersathletics.org.au

The positions and current incumbents are as follows:

President – Lynne Schickert (AUS) completes the maximum three terms as President at this AGM and is therefore ineligible to be nominated again for this position.

Vice President – David Lobb (Cook Islands)

Secretary – Bob Schickert (AUS) has been Secretary for eleven years and will not be seeking renomination for this position.

Treasurer – Stewart Foster (NZ)

Council Members – Joan Merrilees (NZL) Tim Rogers (Norfolk Island), Andrew Stark (NZL) George White (AUS)


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The 2024/25 membership form will be available in early September giving new members 13 months for the price of 12. In the meantime prospective new members should just pay the $5 visitor fee at MAWA events.

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