Handicap Trophy 2021-2022



The MAWA Handicap Trophy is on again, last years’ winners, Rashanthi and Zane are history, their impressive feats from last year long forgotten, their superstar status thrown to the wayside, starting back in the pack with the rest of us.
It is a very exciting field for the first race of the season, we have 203 eligible members, (those who are financial and have run 3 or more races in the last six months), and over the course of the year, more members will join the ranks and swell the field.
Currently David Adams with a name starting with an ‘A’,  is the runaway leader with an impressive ‘zero’ followed by Rochelle Airey,  also with ‘zero’, while the unfortunate person with the name starting with a ‘Z’, Sue Zlnay is currently in last place, but still with an impressive ‘zero’….
Winning the trophy isn’t about winning one race, it’s about the long haul, being consistent, and being consistently good. Oh…… and also passing as many people as you can, but also being polite about it, and not saying “Gotcha” every time you do.
Your handicap is calculated meticulously each week, hours and hours of trawling through years of data, finding that one time you ran fast to justify such a harsh handicap, or it may be because you passed me in the last handicap race…..
On a totally unrelated note, I would like to finish by thanking Vic Waters for that lovely write up about me in the Vetrun last month, and after much consideration, I have realised that perhaps I have been a bit harsh on your handicap recently, and adjusted it accordingly. Keep up the good work Vic.
Hope to see you all there on Sunday
Tristan Bell, MAWA Handicapper


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