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Dear MAWA Athlete,

What has been a long track and field season finally ends with the Australian Masters Games starting 23d April and we move into the Winter Road/Cross Country Season.

MAWA has some exciting events lined up for the next few months including some minor changes to the printed programme:

  • 12th June, 30th/31st July –  For those of you who love cross-country you can compete in both the club and state championships along with 3 other club events during winter.
  • 12 April – (Tuesday) The new date for the 10km Track Handicap which has been moved from 21 April – away from the weekend of the Australian Masters Games.  This event will be held at ECAC so is a great opportunity to experience running on the track. 
  • 24 April – Group Jog as the date of the Gallipoli Run has been delayed one week.
  • 1st May – Inaugural 10k Road Running Championships – a date which also marks the start of our signature 50k Road Championships and 30k Walk Championships
  • 1st May – The Gallipoli run has been moved by Athletics West to 1st May so unfortunately is a clash with our Kent St. Weir events on that day.
  • 8th, 15th and 29th May –  The short course Road and Walk championship options were requested by members but have been very poorly attended in the past.   If you are not up to 50k (10km, 15km & 25km) Road or 30km (5km, 10km & 15km) Walk have a go at the short course option of 5km for 3 weeks– more participation is needed.
  • July -The 10k Road Walking Championships will again be part of a judged WARWC event in July – date to be announced
  • 6th August – State 20k Walks Championships

Richard Blurton



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