David Carr – WMA Male Athlete of the Year

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2022 Male Best Athlete:  David Carr, M90, Australia;

photo by Alex Rotas

Please tell us about yourself.

My wife, Patricia, who was a very good LJ and TJ athlete winning gold in the TJ at WMA championships Melbourne 1987. Pat is no longer competing but still has the state LJ & TJ records for W 65,70,75. We have three children. Therese occasionally attends and competes in MAWA events as she did at the road run of 4 K yesterday. My first career was in the navy and in my 20’s I became a secondary school teacher. When I retired, I he was vice principle of a senior secondary school in Perth.

One cannot achieve much without friends, family, clubmates, officials and helpers. Our family was involved with Little Athletics. My daughter, Therese, was the fourth woman in WA to complete a marathon (People’s Marathon 1979 – 3h:33m) and daughter, Peta, won the City to Surf (1975). Patricia upstaged me in Melbourne (1987), with gold and a World record in the W55 triple jump. They all understand the joys and grind of the sport. MAWA has always provided the structure, organisation, venues, events and competitions for athletes of all disciplines.

What was your most memorable or noteworthy masters athletics accomplishment in 2022?

Five Gold medals in Tampere. 400 to 5000 including steeple.

Six world records in the M 90 division.

MAWA has Thursday evening track and field events and qualified Athletics WA officials have been in attendance to make sure things are properly done.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

To set a M 90 800 m record. A favoured event but I do not have this record.

Great battles with Earl Fee in WMA championships are remembered. Porto Rico 2003 was a classic.

What else would you like people reading the announcement of nominees and winners to know about you?

Coaching of younger athletes at MAWA a number of whom have set world records and been placed at WMA championships