Committee Summary December to March

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  • A new club logo was agreed. The club will be re-branded with the new logo – website, correspondence, uniform, certificates, Sunday tags etc.
  • The new logo will be placed on future orders of uniforms. Opportunity is being taken to look at alternative suppliers – WA supplier is preferred to reduce shipment times. Most suppliers now take orders directly, eliminating the need for the club to hold large stocks.
  • Arrangements were made for the ABC to do news item on the club, which was filmed at ECAC. While the main focus was David’s World Record spree, it was a good overall promotion for the club.
  • The Race Director information pack is now on the website and will be kept up to date as changes are made.
  • AMA have modified its Race Walking rules for over 65’s to allow a more lenient interpretation. Note this only applies to Masters events within Australia.

Committee Summary October/November 2023

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  • Registrations now open for WMA Indoors Torun, WMA Cross Country Bathurst and AMA Nationals Sydney. Oceania Champs will be North Mariana Islands in June.
  • Electrolyte drinks to be available at water stations on very hot days.
  • Club will start keeping a log of incidents where first aid was required.
  • Welcome Steve Travell to the committee. Steve will take on some of the work liaising with Councils to get approvals for Sunday Runs.
  • John Fisher is spearheading a campaign to promote membership through increased awareness of our activities. He has posted our events on running calendars and is arranging ‘friendship’ runs with a number of Perth running groups.
  • Sub-committee of Steve Weller, John Dennehy and Richard Blurton established to determine MAWA nominees for AMA awards.
  • State Championship dates fixed with 10000m on 2nd March, Pentathlons day 18th March, Steeplechase 23rd March and main weekend 25th/26th March. Entries will open late January/early February.

Committee Summary June to September

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My apologies that I have been rather lax with this slot over the past year – Richard.

As a number of councils now prohibit the use of stakes in the grass we have retired the roped finish chute and will use cones at all runs

We met with the Road Run finish team and agreed that, a) 4 helpers will be allocated to the finish area at all runs, b) Race Director will not carry out a helper duty, c) Race Director documentation will be updated, d) reminders each week to wear bib and token

Agreed that if members want their name added to their bib number then this will be funded by the club

Agreed a $10 increase to fees so that our expected financial outcome for the following year is break even

Agreed Father’s Day should be a breakfast day event which will be held in the community hall at Wireless Hill

Half Marathon finish area is too small – agreed to move it back onto the large grassed area behind the Dome cafe

The publicity drive for David Carr’s world record spree to await ratification of the records by WMA and then be managed by Silke Peglow

Committee Summary July to October

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  • Membership peaked at 770 at the end of September but is now just under 600 in the new membership year. This large drop was expected due to covid-related reasons.
  • The new Sunday helper registration is working well – members need to remember to sign up as new runs appear on the list.
  • Agreed with VenuesWest that we will acquire a high jump mat from them at no cost to be permanently positioned at ECAC.
  • We received a trust fund residue of $5000 that must be spent on capital equipment. The committee has agreed the club will purchase throwing implement measuring equipment, a rain cover for the high jump mat, a trolley for starting blocks and a spare e-gun.
  • MAWA State Championship dates were agreed with AW. 27th February for pentathlons and 12th/13th March for the main weekend.
  • Silke has set up a MAWA Instagram account.
  • Richard and Gillian attended the AMA AGM via Zoom.
  • A Sunday ‘early start’ policy was agreed and disseminated.
  • We were delighted to appoint Karyn Tolardo to the Committee. Our walkers form a strong part of the club and it is good that they will be represented at Committee level.
  • Rochelle will continue being responsible for trophies and medals, Mark for track and field and Silke for communications and social media. Karyn and John will share the Road Coordinator role. Karyn will take responsibility for ensuring the first aid box is fully stocked.
  • The Weir Run will become our 10k road running championships.

Committee Summary March – June 2021

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  • The 2021/22 Sunday programme has been agreed and will be published in August. It contains several new runs following member suggestions
  • The membership form was removed in early July and prospective new members advised to pay visitor fees until the 2021/22 form is available in late August
  • A new arrangement will be introduced for booking Sunday helper dates whereby members select dates online up to 3 months on advance. This will provide a more flexible arrangement and reduce the high drop-out rate. It will be fully explained in an email to all members. As discussed at the AGM over 80’s will not be required to do helper duties
  • Silke will set up a MAWA Instagram account, which is the preferred social media for a lot of our younger members
  • The track at WAAS will be re-surfaced between October and February. Following consultation with our WAAS meet organisers, the committee agreed there will not be alternative Tuesday meetings in this period
  • There will be all-ages State Cross Country and 20km Walk Championships. Check the Athletics West website for details and online entry
  • There will be an Australian Masters Cross Country Championship in Adelaide. Check the AMA website for details and online entry
  • Our 2021 State Track and Field Championship was highly successful attracting a record entry of 203
  • A detailed review of Track and Field finances revealed that despite additional costs for floodlighting at ECAC we roughly broke even. Track fees at ECAC will remain at $3
  • It was agreed that non-members could attend MAWA coaching sessions but must register and pay the $5 visitor fee. This is required for insurance purposes
  • Barbara Blurton, Bob Schickert and Richard Blurton have been invited by AW to join the organising committee for the Australian Masters Games
  • Richard Blurton will attend the AMA AGM in Tweed Heads in late August

Committee Summary December to February

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  • Surpassed our all-time membership level of 703 in January
  • Encouraged to see a lot of new young Track and Field members
  • February and March saw very large participation at ECAC on Thursdays
  • To save on cups members are requested to bring their own water bottles for use at the finish
  • Slower runners and walkers doing the long events are encouraged to start 30 minutes early, but must check with the Race Director
  • A review of Track and Field income and expenditure has shown that we are close to break even. Therefore the $3 ECAC cost will remain unchanged
  • All members who joined by 1st March get free access to the World Masters Rankings site. Log in with your email address and it will be recognised.
  • The results of the OMA Virtual Championships are now on the OAA website. Thanks to Oliver Berry for managing the MAWA entries
  • OMA Championships in Norfolk Island 2022 have been cancelled. Next events are Australian Masters Games in Perth in October, (entries now open), AMA Nationals in Brisbane 1st to 4th April 2022 and WMA Indoors in Edmonton in March 2023

Committee Summary September/October

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  • Sunday tags to restart 4th October.
  • Sunday visitors to restart 15th November, with requirements for exact cash put into tin and cut-off 10 minutes before run start.
  • Agreed to purchase time display board linked to photofinish.
  • Agreed to purchase one-piece soft top cover for high jump mat.
  • Committee roles for next 12 months: Silke – communications and in particular facebook, Pam – Sunday Run Co-ordinator, John – Sunday Run Equipment, Mark – Track and Field, Rochelle – Medals and Trophies, Richard – Track Bookings. If possible questions and comments should be addressed directly to the responsible committee member.
  • Electronic timing required for State Records 800m and below.
  • AMA Coaching Grant received and 2020/2021 coaching programme set up and detailed on the website
  • Answers to issues raised at MAWA AGM: there will be no limit on visitors, older athletes will be exempt from helper duties in future years, free membership will be kept at 90+.
  • Attended AMA AGM. For those interested the minutes will soon be on the AMA website.
  • Acknowledgement of Country. MAWA statement is now on the website home page, but announcements prior to runs will only be made when we are at a site of special Aboriginal significance.
  • On the social side there will be a Christmas lunch if sufficient interest – speak to Elaine Dance.
  • Next Year’s National and International events: A decision on AMA Champs Canberra will be made on 16th December. A decision on WMAC Tampere will be made in January. World Masters Games in Kansai Japan in May – this has been cancelled. Australian Masters Games in Perth in October – planning for this to happen.

Committee Summary – Jan and Feb 2020

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  • The new member additional fee has been raised to $20 to reflect increased costs for bibs and tags.
  • There will be no winter meets at WAAS this year ahead of Toronto World Champs. We held such meetings in 2018 and they were very poorly attended.
  • McCallum Lakes again impacted by Australia Day preparations. Timing will be moved next year
  • Agreed MAWA events to go into AMA postal half marathon – Bunbury, Joondalup, HBF Run for a Reason and MAWA club.
  • Agreed to recognise our 90 year olds by giving them free membership.
  • Members should always use our Events Calendar to check the details of club events – there is now a direct tab access on the website

Committee Summary December

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  • The AWA Heptathlon/Decathlon events in January will also be MAWA State Championship events.
  • The 2020 Handicap trophy will conclude with City Rail in August.
  • Entries for the 2020 AMA Postal Half Marathon will open in early February.
  • Agreed to purchase a new big clock for ECAC – partly funded by the generous bequest from the estate of Ray Gimi.
  • The Ray Gimi Trophy has been established to be awarded to the winner of the Woodbridge Handicap.
  • From January all MAWA members will have full access to the World Rankings database, under an agreement reached by AMA.
  • From 2020 the Jim Barnes Trophy will be awarded for the best age-graded score in the MAWA Club Half Marathon
  • Also from 2020 the John Gilmour Trophy will be awarded to the Athlete of the Year rather than the Performance of the Year.
  • The 2021 Australian Masters Games will be held in Perth

Committee Summary November 2019

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  • Welcome to new members Pam Thonell and Silke Peglow
  • Committee roles agreed. Janne will continue with trophies, Pam will be Sunday run co-ordinator, Silke will do Sunday equipment and share visitor table with Andrew, Mark will continue with track and field
  • Mark Kerr will handover facebook administration to Silke, Maureen Kershwar and Jenn Parker
  • Super Heavy Weight introduced as a new MAWA event – ask a thrower if you don’t know what that is
  • Melbourne Cup Lunch reported to have been very successful
  • Membership year will be changed to 1st October to 30th September to align with AWA track and field season. An email will be sent to all members with further explanation
  • Generous donation received from Ray Gimi estate – looking to have a trophy or event named in his memory. Ideas welcome
  • Following AGM discussion the committee confirmed that we will not pursue the idea of a clubroom for Sunday runs, but will focus efforts to have a clubroom at the new athletics facility being considered by Canning Council to replace ECAC
  • MAWA supports AMA plan for the National Half Marathon Championship to be a postal event.
  • Considered AMA proposal to eliminate the 60m event from the National Championships and committee was split 4/4. This has been fedback to AMA