2014 Perth Marathon


in Road Results

Name Age Time
Karen Peace W40 4:12:47
Maree Brown W45 3:48:56
Sam Farman W50 4:38:22
Carol Bowman W55 4:40:18
David Adams M35 3:33:52
Grahak Cunningham M35 3:36:47
Douglas Lintott M35 3:49:33
Kim Thomas M40 2:49:25
Tony Smith M40 2:59:59
Ante Perdija M40 3:14:17
Dan Baldwin M40 3:45:29
John Batta M45 4:35:29
Peter March M50 3:21:17
Mickey Muroi M55 3:17:49
Paul Ankers M55 3:33:09
Simon Leonard M55 4:21:28
Wayne Taylor M55 4:33:57
Eamonn McNulty M55 4:36:00
Bob Lane M65 3:12:23
Brian Bennett M65 3:50:35
Keith Miller M65 4:01:06
Jim Klinge M65 4:11:57


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