Upcoming Social Events

For more information or to book please contact: Elaine Dance

phone: 9593 4607 / 0421 397 821


Weekend Camps 2022

Our next camp is on Friday 9th – Monday 12th September  (not a long weekend) and will be at Lewana Cottages in Balingup.  5 cottages have been reserved so get in early and secure your accommodation.  The cost will be approximately $160 per person for the 4 nights.

It’s a fun weekend with plenty of great runs and walks and the usual food, drinks and lots of  enjoyable socializing.

N0-one will have to share a room and everyone will have their own bedroom, even the single people who would like to join us.

Final numbers and payment will have to be made by 31 August

Please contact Elaine for any further information or bookings

Diary Note : There will be a lunch in the City in November.  Watch this space for more details

Sunday Morning Teas

There will be no Morning Teas while Covid restrictions apply