ECAC – March 12 2020


in Track & Field Results

Chris Neale M50 40.68
Colin Smith M55 42.78
Jenn Parker W50 49.19
Keith Redpath M65 49.55
Barbara Blurton W65 50.66
Radika Lucas W40 53.04
Carmel Meyer W55 54.44
Meghan Hordyk Vis 49.80
Michelle Krokosz W35 50.40
Rose Hordyk Vis 54.39
Greg Kennedy M70 54.65
David Carr M85 64.05
Jackie Halberg W70 69.84
Cecil Walkley M90 3:56.79
Stuart Manning M40 5:32.61
Chris Groom M50 5:33.52
Alan Gray M55 6:46.42
David Baird M75 6:46.61
John McDonagh (walk) M70 9:37.77
Steve Travell (walk) M60 11:59.62
Cecil Walkley M90 20:53.7(h)
Tim Loh M30 7.83
Colin Smith M55 8.48
David Adams M40 9.34
Greg Kennedy M70 9.65
Fran Cherry W55 10.17
Keith Redpath M65 9.50
Radika Lucas W40 9.54
Casey Hordyk Vis 9.78
Scott Henderson M65 10.39
Nick Fairweather M65 10.66
Ossi Igel M65 31.96m
Michelle Krokosz W35 29.52m
Jenn Parker W50 24.52m
Isaiah Manning Vis 21.42m
Andrea Penny W40 9.34m
Hazel Stephen W70 7.82m
Ossi Igel M65 10.78m
Jenn Parker W50 10.47m
Michelle Krokosz W35 9.12m
Garry Parker M55 7.77m
Andrea Penny W40 4.82m
Hazel Stephen W70 3.15m


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