The Anne Shaw Trophy

This award is for the MAWA athlete who achieves the best performance in the WA Masters State Championships.
A list of the winners appears below:

1988Kath Holland
1989Eileen Hindle
1990Dorothy Anderson
1991Syd Coleman
1992Syd Coleman
1993David Carr
1994Dorothy Whittam
1995Rose-Maree Holloway
1996Roy Fearnall
1997David Clive
1998David Carr
1999David Clive
2000Anne Shaw
2001Lyn Ventris
2002David Carr
2003Bert Carse
2004Barbara Blurton
2005Lyn Ventris
2006Lyn Ventris
2007Lyn Ventris
2008David Carr
2009David Carr
2010David Carr
2011David Carr
2012Lorraine Lopes
2013David Carr
2014David Carr
2015Lorraine Lopes
2016Wendy Seegers
2017David Carr
2018Lyn Ventris
2019David Carr
2021Ruth Johnson
2022Maureen Keshwar
2023Mandy Mason
2024Jo Peters


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