Stone Trophy (retired)

This award is for the best female walker in the East Perth handicap walk. The event uses a sealed handicap so that entrants do not know until after the race what their handicap is. The trophy was retired after 2012
A list of the winners appears below:

1993 Peggy Macliver
1994 Gillian Peet
1995 Gillian Peet
1996 Michele Mison
1997 Lesley Romeo
1998 Lynne Schickert
1999 Barbara Atkinson
2000 Rose-Maree Holloway
2001 Pat Ainsworth
2002 Lorna Lauchlan
2003 Lorna Lauchlan
2004 Lynne Schickert
2005 Lynne Schickert
2006 Rosa Wallis
2007 Lynne Schickert
2008 Michele Mison
2009 Pat Ainsworth
2010 Beryle Doust
2011 Lynne Schickert
2012 Dorothy Whittam